Start-ups, Turnarounds, and Business Expansions are a challenge- There is no need to go it alone.

With over 100 years of combined on-site Executive Management, Business Optimization, Turnaround Expertise, Startup Experience including Medical and Recreational Marijuana, and Global Supply Chain Expertise, Adria-Global's Senior Consulting Associates can provide the expert helping hand that we all need at times.

Gordana K. Brabson
Founder, Managing Director

Gordana has over 25 years of global management and operations experience, including sourcing, logistics,from Asia to Europe and the USA. She has lived in Europe and Asia for 18 years, has lead successful start-up projects and is multi-lingual.

Gordana has been providing Executive Business Consulting  services for the past 10 years, locally and internationally, and provides full Business Planning for a range of industries. She also holds the following degrees; MBA, Masters In Psychology, Juris Doctorate (JD) Europe.

Andrew Brabson
Senior Consultant

Andrew has over 25 years of Global Supply Chain, Operations & Logistics experience, including providing full on-site executive Management services, and Business  Review and Plan building for a range of industries including Cannabis/Marijuana/CBD manufacturing/edibles/topicals, extraction and cultivation projects. Nevada, California, Mass, Michigan.

Also expertise in sourcing, costing/GPM, QC/QA, fulfillment, costing, P&L, budgeting and sales and marketing. He has lived in Europe and Asia for 18 years, and has led explosive growth projects in manufacturing and sourcing as well as successful turnarounds of major corporations. He has also helped small &  start-up companies to grow.

He has been providing Executive Business Consulting  services for the past 13 years, locally and internationally. 

Andrew holds the following certifications: MBA, Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), Six Sigma

(Lean Six Sigma Black Belt), Production and Inventory Professional (CPIP), Project Management Professional (PMP). He is multi-lingual and culturally diverse. 

Vladamir Gavrilovic
Associate Sr. Consultant

Vladamir "Gavra" resides in Europe, and has 25+ years of start-up and sales and marketing experience as an entrepreneur  in establishing, building, and growing 6 successful companies in  Europe. He has also been providing private consulting expertise and investments for many other start-up companies, and also providing turnaround and optimization consulting services to medium to large business in Europe. Gavra has active investments and management roles on both continents . He is also multi-lingual, and holds a BA in Business. He actively participates in the Business Plan Review and Project Management services provided by Adria-Global for European clients.

Daniel Chen
Associate Sr. Consultant

Daniel resides both in Hong Kong and Taiwan and has been working with the Adria principals for over 25 years on a multitude of projects and ventures. Daniel is an expert in Asian Sourcing in all areas, from concept and R&D through final production, quality, and deliveries. He is an integral part of our network, and is instrumental in allowing Adria to complete projects in this area in a timely, cost effective, and high quality manner for all of our clients. Daniel is also multi-lingual.

J.W. Rosendahl
Associate Sr. Consultant

  J.W. has been involved in international business, R&D, design and concept, and sourcing for over 30 years. His expertise in perceiving how projects need to run from concept through to final stages allows him to lay out processes and planning from the onset of any project and ensure that clients get the best results, fastest, with few to no delays or problems. He has also been instrumental in working on complex product development and implementation, as well as full input during Business Plan building stages where applicable, for over 3 decades. He has lived in Asia for almost 10 years as part of his experience, and is culturally diverse and highly competent.

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